Things not to do when moving interstate

Moving interstate can be fun if done right. But, it can be overwhelming and feel like it will not work out as you picture it in your head. Moving interstate means crossing the state line.

The most basic mistake that everyone makes is picking the first moving company they find. Without checking prices/deals with other businesses. So before you just pick a well-known company because you have seen it advertised on television or because you have seen ads on the internet. You need to pick three or four house movers and compare the prices. There might be a set price with all the companies you have chosen which could be cheaper or more, depending on each company.

Then see what specials each company has to offer. For example, one company is offering a hundred dollar discount if you are a student. Another company is offering two-hundred dollars off for being a student and, also fifty dollars off when you are the one packing your things. But both companies “normal” price is 1000 dollars.


So one company you only pay $900 to move interstate. The other company would be $750. So you would most likely choose the second company. But there are also companies like Budget. You pay to move interstate, and you drive the truck yourself. They to offer discounts, but not only are you packing, loading, and driving. But they are pretty good as well.

For example, let’s say that you are moving from Nevada to Missouri. So you chose a 12” truck with unlimited mileage. It would cost $630. But, if you only pay with a prepaid card or cash. But if you were to pay with credit card you get 150 dollars off. Also, they do student discounts at 100 dollars, which means you would only actually have to pay $380. But, if you look into any other company for moving, whether it is “professional” movers or do it yourself moving then search for deals along with the price as well.

But it is vital to keep an eye out for moving companies that rip people off. These companies will tell you a price for moving all of your stuff. But do not tell you the “fine print”. They will give you a low price, over the phone. But then once they load up your stuff, they will find ways to charge you even more. Otherwise, you do not get your stuff unloaded.

So, when you are looking for a moving company you need to make sure of a few things:

  • Check the companies reputation on the DOT site.
  • Make sure you get the estimate permitted and put in writing.
  • If you feel the price isn’t good. Then move on to another company.

How to prepare for move

So, you are getting ready to go out of state, or you are thinking of moving out of the state you currently live you should have a plan. For example, let’s say that you needed to move to another state to take care of a family member. But it happens to be a last minute decision. Not only was it a last minute decision, but you are 20 times more overwhelmed and stressed out. You are rushing everything, and maybe even leaving a lot of things behind that you just should not have to.


But if you are prepared you will not have to leave the important things behind. You have time to get stuff sorted out; whether you are going to keep them or get rid of it. You have time to let the family know that you are leaving the state. You have a chance to prepare your kids if you have kids.

You have an opportunity to deal with any bills and miscellaneous payments that need to be cancelled or paid. You have time to inform your job, which is always a good thing to do. Now, if you are planning to move to another state may be you got a job offer. Then you have already planned some of it out. For example, you have let all family know that you are planning to move and about possibly when you are moving. You have already informed all cancellations and payment places. Your job already knows about the other job. You have already checked out moving companies.
Now, what happens when you have checked out all moving companies and you can not afford a moving company but can afford a truck that you pack and drive yourself. But, you can not fit all of your kids in the moving truck? Your best option is to fly them to a family member in that state. Then you head down in the moving truck. But you still have things you should not do while making the trip.

  • Not check your items every few stops that you make to get gas.
  • Have a GPS, so that you do not get lost.
  • Make sure that you make your drop-off late.

So, let’s say that you make several stops on your way to your new place. But, do not check your items. Then you unpack and see that all of your glass stuff has broken. You can not get those items back, and you have no guaranteed money to replace them. Your drive time is Monday 9 a.m. To 9 a.m. Saturday. You end up getting lost, and you are not at your drop off place at 9 a.m. Saturday, you then end up having to pay more.

So, just remember to prepare everything and everyone for the move. Check the moving companies reputation with the DOT. Even check them on the Better Business Bureau website. If you know, any who has used that particular company get their thoughts and opinion of the enterprise. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is.

WorkSafe Victoria Requirements for Mezzanine Flooring

If you own a business and feel like expanding to accommodate more goods, you should think of warehouse mezzanine flooring. It offers a quick and reliable solution, which is pocket-friendly. You do not have to look for house owners who will take more money from you, yet you can utilise the uncommonly used space above your floor. Constructing a mezzanine floor increases the productivity of the area as well as decorates the room. However, as you think of creating a mezzanine system, you should follow all the construction requirements to ensure a safe working environment. Mezzanine floors are not just good; they are also dangerous. There are several rules enacted that must be followed during construction. Some of the requirements are explained in this article.
warehouse mezzanine flooring

The Design

As you think of designing and installing a mezzanine floor, please remember that workers in Victoria also need a friendly and healthy environment. Do not jeopardise their harmonious working condition after the introduction of a higher level. Your design should conform to all safety requirements. Mostly we prefer a design that is by CE marking. If you cannot do the designing all by yourself, (which is common and usual) get a professional designer to do the job. A qualified designer will survey your building, and then come up with the most appealing designs that meet all the safety requirements. Get a designer that can explain the design using CAD drawings, so you may have a clear picture of what he intends to install.

Essential Features Required To Ensure Safety

Under the law, employers should ensure safety for their employees. They should provide a safe working environment that poses minimum or no threats to the workers. If the employees are to undertake daily activities on the mezzanine floor, it is of great importance that employers should look at possible threats and risks, and then put measures to get rid of them. Every employer should prioritise the welfare and well-being of the workers. Since the floor is raised, there is a possibility of staffs falling from the top. Therefore, the mezzanine level should be featured with an edge protection. We recommend the use of handrails. They offer a good support and protective barrier to any employee who may accidentally topple or slip. Also, it makes working easy, as it provides a supportive place for employers who carry products to and from the high floor. Handrails also protect products. Other products might have been placed carelessly on the mezzanine floor. Including bars in the design ensures that such products are stored safely. In one way or another, protecting products from falling also protects workers within the house. Maybe the product could have fallen on top of an employee’s head! That aside, can you imagine machinery worth a lot of money falling from the high floor and damaging. It can make you regret why you were installing the mezzanine floor. Just keep it safe by incorporating handrails. Prevent some small products and items from falling off the mezzanine floor by use of mesh panel. Both bars and mesh panels serve to protect items from falling. But unlike the handrails, mesh panels are more accurate. They mainly protect small items.

After from the mesh panel and handrails, remember you are utilising the unused vertical space. That means you must have friendly ways of getting to the top. A good plan and design must incorporate a safe means of getting to the top (mezzanine floor). Of course, you are not planning on pushing and pulling things to and from the mezzanine floor. You should be smart enough to install a staircase. Similarly, the fixed staircase must meet the minimum safety requirements. Check to ensure that the staircase installed best suits the needs of the business. A staircase installed in a retail business is very different from the one in an industrial environment.

A good mezzanine floor must protect workers from open areas. Employees should be protected while loading standard size pallets. The design must incorporate the use of pallet gates. Usually, they are constructed in a different manner. They come in distinct designs. We have the lightweight, swing gate, and the fail-safe-roll-over. It is a general requirement that pallet gate should be robust enough and with a minor maintenance needs.

Proper designs and safety measures must be observed during the decking. There are a variety of options for decking mezzanine floors. The most common options of flooring selected include; Durbar plate, particle board and forge-welded grating. They are used more often because they are convenient, and also assure the safety of the workers.

38mm Particle Board

The 38mm particle board a vital requirement in mezzanine flooring. It is a high-density board, crucial for many raised flooring. Some of them come with other additional features that prove to be of great value. They are specially designed with moisture resistance capabilities. Other essential features include resistance to wear and tear, as well as non-slip surface features.

Durbar Plate

You do not want a floor with fewer grips that will have your products gliding on top aimlessly. Durbar plate mostly serves to provide the required holding grip. With durbar plate, the mezzanine floor copes nicely with heavy loads.
Also, it is a requirement that Mezzanine flooring must meet building regulations in Victoria. It is the duty of all suppliers to ensure their flooring system is in agreement with current building regulations. The policies and regulations are much focused on providing a safe working environment. The designing must be of high quality to offer fire protection, disabled access, etc.
The regulations also require that any raised areas (Mezzanine floors) within a warehouse must have ‘ambulant disabled staircase’. They comprise staircases with special requirements to ensure safety. It must be observed that size of steps, treads, handrails and landings are all constructed according to the required standards. It is advisable that one should consult a specialist before installing a staircase, to guarantee that it meets the legal requirements.

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Considering fire safety during the construction of mezzanine floors is imperative. Various methods that can prevent fire, give early warning, or slow its progress include:

  • Column casting
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Cavity Barrier
  • Staircase enclosures
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Bulkheads
  • Smoke detection system